horse & carriage foods

some foods just go together:

salt bagel, lox & cream cheese.

linguini, pesto, & olives.

buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, & basil. 

paired on a plate & eaten together, certain ingredients become a dish far greater than the sum of their parts. they're nourishing, offer a balance of color & texture, and transcend flavor with unabbreviated satisfaction for your smell and taste senses. they're the ones that make you go, "umm", close your eyes, and push your brows together.

i discovered that left over beef ribs, swiss cheese, & roasted red bell pepper are the horse & carriage for a panini . . . at least for jim. last time i served him one he said, "this is the best sandwich i have ever put in my mouth". then, he made a combination grunt-mmm sound that was all the proof i needed that he wasn't just being nice to the cook.

jim's horse & carriage panini.

like many of jim's-favs, this one came together by chance, just because of what i had in the frig. and once i discovered that making a panini takes the same time as making a grilled cheese, i always serve the italian version because it's so much prettier.

here is how i make it:

• 2 slices of homemade bread, insides spread with grey poupon brown mustard
• left over braised beef short ribs (click here for the recipe)
• left over beef au jus for dipping
• sliced swiss cheese
• left over roasted red bell pepper slices
• plenty of olive oil

generously baste both side of the sandwich with olive oil

when the cheese hits the griddle & starts to sizzle, it's time to open the beer.

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