sautéed scallops coated with ground walnuts

when jim and i were in the champagne region of france, we learned that the french do not need a special occasion to enjoy a glass of their bubbly wine. i feel the same way about elegant dishes that most people would consider a treat– why not eat them for dinner on a week night.

when jim has a hankering for meat i usually take the opportunity to make a special dish for myself: like scallops– he doesn't like them and i don't eat meat . . . well, at least he didn't like them until i made this dish. after he had a taste, he said that the round little shellfish meat reminded him of sweet butter. but, i don't use any butter to prepare this simple, sumptuous entree. the butter flavor comes from the ground walnuts. serve these scallops with a fresh salad, and a glass of champagne to celebrate an ordinary day with this luxurious treat.

scallops coated with ground walnuts

• 7-10 large scallops

• fresh lemon juice

• 1 & 1/2 cups finely ground walnuts

• pinch of smoked paprika

• s&white pepper

1. mix the ground walnuts & spices with a fork.

2. marinate the scallops in lemon juice for about 10 min. & pat them dry.

3. dust each scallop well with the walnut mixture (i use a spoon & sprinkle the scallops over a plate to catch what falls off).

4. coat the bottom of a large skillet with olive oil & heat it on a med-low flame.

5. set the scallops on the skillet & cook each side about 3-5 min. until they are heated through & opaque.

6. serve with fresh dill.

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Michelle said...

These sound great. Nice photo, too.