following a post about salsa, one about a companion relish, guacamole, is naturally what comes next.

the avocado is an ideal, regal ingredient– a healthy fat source, the texture is buttery, the taste smoothly hints of green, the color is happy, and the addition of avocado to a dish elevates it to a higher stature on the table. i use avocados chopped with whole grain rice or quinoa, in california rolls, on a piece of whole grain bread with roasted peppers- drizzled with olive oil, and with orange slices in a salad. but, most of the time i chop or mash avocados to make a rich, creamy, traditional guacamole.

sometimes, after the chopping, stirring, and mixing, i can't resist dipping a spoon right into the bowl.

• 3 ripe avocados
• minced green onion
• 1 med. tomato, chopped
• minced hot chilies to taste
• chopped cilantro to taste
• fresh squeezed lime juice
• ground cumin to taste
• kosher salt

halve the avocados and remove the seeds. cut the pulp right in the skins in a uniform grid pattern. spoon out the flesh into a mixing bowl. you can alternately mash the pulp with a fork or potato masher. mix in all the other ingredients. to make a quick version of this recipe, just add some homemade salsa and a fresh squeeze of lime juice.

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