appetizer skewers

appetizers set the mood for an evening. starters get things going by stimulating appetites, inspiring toasts, and energizing conversations. i can always tell the party is going to be good if all the appetizers are gone before i'm ready to serve the first course.
     like fondue, these pretty pick-up-sticks oblige the desire to interact with the food, and that seems to make people more comfortable. i set several trays of them around the house, and vary them by adding little grape tomatoes, little wedges of roasted potatoes, and small crimini mushrooms. make more than you think you need, because there never seem to be enough.

• fontina cheese cubes
• sicilian olives, cut in half long-ways
• small triangles of red, orange, and yellow bell peppers
• grape tomatoes
• small wedges of roasted potatoes
• tiny crimini mushrooms

assemble the skewers and arrange on a plate in a stack. drizzle with a little champagne vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. dust with just a sprinkle of white pepper.

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