shepherd's pie dinner party menu

the first time i made shepherd's pie was for my parents last winter. i remember shopping for several hours to find individual porcelain baking dishes, and then rushing home to warm up the kitchen with a pot of boiling hot potatoes. my father, joe, was so happy . . . when he really likes a dish he rubs his palms together and their roughness makes a whisking sound.

i'm planning to serve it again tomorrow night for a dinner party. this time, i'm pairing the food with locally brewed craft beers. i worked with my commissar-of-brewing-friend, david, at the bank street brewhouse. these beers are like good wines, elegant and sophisticated, and if you want to try them go to

here is the whole menu. 
i'll post results & recipes this weekend.

• polenta crackers
• carmelized onion dip
• grilled baby brussels sprouts
paired with bank street brewhouse abzug beer

• shepherd's pie
paired with bank street community dark beer

• poached pears with honey and chocolate

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