dates stuffed with fontina cheese and walnuts

          dates are pure ambrosia. to eat them is so pleasurable it seems like it might be a deliberate violation of some moral principle, or a sin that got under the radar somehow. no need for confession though, unless you eat too many . . . gluttony is on the list. 
          i for one, savor their decadence, and have what might be considered a wicked desire to eat dates. i relish in their dense, chewy, intense sweetness. so naturally, this appetizer is one of my all time favorites. these little delights are simple, sweet, salty, creamy, nutty, and sinful. and, for someone who derives so much pleasure from feeding people, serving this food of the gods to guests gives me a double dose of satisfaction. aren't you glad dates aren't prohibited? 
• several dates per person
• fontina cheese
• raw whole walnuts
1. make a slice along the long side of each date and remove the pit.
2. slice the fontina cheese into 1/8 inch rectangles the length of a date.
3. put a piece of the cheese and 1 walnut into the center of each date. 

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