quesadillas and pizza have this in common: both make everybody at the table happy and both serve well as the canvas for a creative composition of ingredients that may be on hand. beans, cilantro, corn, garlic, mushrooms, onions, peppers, potatoes, squash, tofu, tomatoes and grated cheese go together in any combination to paint a vegetarian mexican grilled cheese meal. you can add cooked beef, chicken or shrimp too, if that's sounds good to you. jim likes them with shredded pork, and i like to eat mine with a fresh salad to add some crunch to the plate.
to make quesadillas
• saute the aromatics and vegetables in a skillet just until they are cooked through.
• use a high quality brand of store-bought corn tortillas or click here to learn how to make homemade tortillas
• layer all of your ingredients on one tortilla, top with another one
• cook the quesadilla on a dry cast iron griddle and flip it a couple of times to toast the outsides and heat the insides into a luscious-oozy-gooey-scrumptious-melt.
i used jalapeƱos, cilantro, onion, and grated jack cheese to fill up two tortillas for a mexican grilled cheese sandwich.

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