tomato salad skewers

serve marinated grape tomatoes and olives as the salad for a dinner party that's all pick-up food.
if you've read my posts for pizza then you already know that i don't make it with tomato sauce. i might put roasted tomatoes on my pies, or tomato pesto, or just serve tomatoes on the side. but, i think tomato sauce ruins the crispiness of the crust, and i prefer it less like bread and more like a cracker. i came up with these skewers to serve as the salad-go-with for a dinner party that was all pick-up food, and the feature was pizza . . . some with roasted potatoes and green beans, some with caramelized onions, gorgonzola and chicken, and a few other types all topped with baby arugula, but sans tomato.
          the bright surprise with these skewers is the zingy-whiff of vinaigrette when you pick one up. then the soft coat of olive oil on your tongue before the crunch into tomato flesh and the mild-salty-tang of the olives. and the herbs resonate around the flavors and vapors to amplify their earthiness. i think these skewers would also go well with brie and bread as an appetizer.
           ask to taste different varieties of small olives at the olive counter because mild-to-medium-not-too-salty ones make a good balance to the sweet tomatoes in this salad. to make the vinaigrette i don't use measuring spoons but add squirts, dashes, and pinches of herbs a little at a time until the taste is right. so these measurements are approximate, adjust according to how you like it.
• grape tomatoes
• small, mild green and black olives
• 1-2 tablespoons of dry white wine
• 1-2 tablespoons of white balsamic pear vinegar
• extra virgin olive oil
• ground rosemary and thyme
1. skewer a grape tomato between a green olive and a black olive.
2. put the wine, vinegar, and herbs in a small mixing bowl and gradually whisk in enough olive oil until the mixture is emulsified.
3. stand the skewers up in a large glass or lean them against the edge of a shallow bowl to keep the pick-up ends dry.
4. pour the vinaigrette over the tomatoes and olives and let them stand about an hour.
5. to serve, lay the skewers on a plate and re-pour the vinaigrette over them. garnish with fresh herbs.

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