pineapple salsa

i have been known to eat pineapple salsa and avocados with a spoon.

over the next few months the tomato will get a lot of air-play. it is after all the rosy-cheeked vegetable/fruit that is the summer season's star. we adore it when it enters our kitchens like an idol on the red carpet, to autograph our dishes with a flashy talent . . . sometimes dramatic, at other times animated. the tomato is famous at the table.
equally revered in my kitchen is the pineapple: king of the fruit kingdom. his royal highness travels well from the tropics to crown a plate with juicy-sugary-majesty. and i am enamored with this pineapple salsa because it understudies brilliantly for tomato salsa, well deserved of an ovation. i have even served the two salsas side by side to dazzle with their contrasts and similarities.
the first time i had a version of this salsa was at roy yamaguchi's restaurant on the island of oahu. it was served with grilled swordfish but the pineapple salsa stole the spotlight, eclipsing the plate with bright, spicy, citrus overtones. i later had a similar dish at a mexican restaurant in nyc that included the distinct flavor of cumin. both times i wanted more to eat with a spoon.
• about 1/2 of a fresh pineapple chopped into small pieces
• minced red onion
• minced orange bell pepper
• 1 large jalapeno, minced
• juice of one lime
• minced cilantro
• cumin and salt
• accompany with chunks of avocado
mix, cover and refrigerate for at least a few hours to let the flavors mature. serve as an appetizer with chips, as a relish for vegetarian tacos, or for chicken, fish, or meat. it also pairs perfectly with anything barbecued.

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