eat flowers, not words

the standout events of my life include the plan and execution for an equally memorable meal. either a trek up a mountain, a visit to an art museum, or taking the train in a foreign country, i make sure that my husband, jim, and i will sit together and share a good meal. 

for his part, jim plans the logistics of how to carry our provisions if we'll be eating picnic style, how to make it comfortable while we eat, and how to get the wine opener through airport security.

this is jim's industrious use of a pocket knife to make me a wine glass from the top of a water bottle.


Nick said...

What a beautiful blog!!!
I have subscribed and look forward to every post!!

montral said...

Great blog. and great pictures too.
I wish I had that free time to cook as well, but since I don't have it I just don't enjoy cooking since it becomes an obligation for me. I like eating well though, so let me know when you need a guest to experiment with a new dish. Too bad we live far away....
I am not sure what to comment will have to explain me... I just pick the first one.