the moment i wake up

the first few moments of cognizant thought that i have in the morning when i first wake up are usually about what i want to plant, and what i want to plan for dinner. then i think about the coffee and feeding blue and my feet involuntarily hit the floor, searching for my clogs in the dark.

on the mornings when i am up before jim, the coffee-making ceremony puts the day into motion. bringing up the light in the kitchen just enough to see, filling the tea kettle, grinding the coffee beans, pouring the milk, and then waiting for the water to boil, are the tasks, sounds, smells, and stimulus that bring my senses back from rest.

when i pour the first cup of coffee, that's blue's signals for the "feed-me-dance". he prances back-and-forth on his front paws, whines, and nudge my knee with his snout to remind me that it's time for him to eat. he licks his chops as i mix his food, and his animated excitement gives me the first smile of the day.

the quiet (or silence if it's the middle of winter and i'm lucky) is what i relish because it's a rare and fleeting part of the day. then, once i wake the computer up with the space bar, the light from the screen leads me to the blogs, e-zines, and bookmarks for gardening help and for dinner menu inspiration. after 2 cups i usually have a plan and only then can i feel comfortable to move on with my day.

(the flowers in this shot were a gift from a talented friend, stephanie lindsay of the

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