orange, red or yellow bell pepper coulis

this is a beautiful sauce for so many reasons . . .
  • it only has two ingredients and a sprinkle of salt
  • it's creamy, fresh, and full of flavor
  • it brightens whatever it accompanies
i use this sauce as an alternative to a tomato based marinara on ravioli, as a pizza sauce, as a finish to fish or chicken, to dip bread in . . . and on and on.

bell pepper coulis

• 2 bell peppers– orange, red or yellow, chopped
• olive oil
• salt

coat the bottom of a large skillet with olive oil. add the chopped bell peppers and heat to med.-high. cover with the skillet lid and turn the flame as low as it will go so the pan will steam and simmer. cook the peppers until they are quite soft, but not browned. make sure to cook off all the steam by removing the lid at the end of the cooking time.

cool the peppers slightly and use either a blender or a stick blender to puree them with a few tablespoons of olive oil and some salt. you can make the sauce as thin as you want by adding more olive oil . . . i admit to eating this sauce right from the bowl, with a spoon.
serve a colorful bell pepper coulis with fish or chicken, lamb or pasta, or with spanakopita (recipe).

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Anonymous said...

I love Roasted Red Pepper Coulis but I cheat and use Mazetti Roasted Red Peppers. $3.00+- @ Kroger. I keep a few jars in the pantry. Also use them in a weekly batch of RRP hummus.