pappardelle pasta with red bell pepper sauce

keep it simple + add cheese

noodle this  :  eggs+flour=pasta

simple isn't plain. simple is straightforward and not fussy. take for example this bowl of hand-cut pasta which is nothing but a few eggs, a little oregano, and flour.

add a sauce made with sauteed red bell peppers that are pureed with a little salt. add a few shaves of a good parmesan cheese. this is a dish that is complete, pure, approachable. it's uncomplicated, and if you buy fresh pasta it's almost effortless to make.

• find handmade pasta in the louisville metro area at lotsa pasta. or buy a good dried pasta. here's my pappardelle recipe

• the bell pepper sauce has just two ingredients and a sprinkle of salt-- here's my recipe

• and cheese. glorious parmesan.

here's how to sauce the pasta:
1. bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil. add a big dash of sea salt.
2. boil the pasta just until al dente.
3. save some of the pasta water by straining it over a bowl or removing it with a ladle and then straining the pasta.
4. pour pasta water into a large skillet to measure about an inch deep. heat to a simmer and let it slightly reduce. add the cooked pasta and stir it around. stir in the red pepper sauce a laddle at a time until the noodles are well coated.
5. pour all of it onto a rimmed platter and top with shaved parmesan.

.. . eat with a big spoon

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