jalapenos & bell peppers stuffed with cheese

our sunny deck is the perfect spot for growing peppers in pots. every february i start jalapeno and bell pepper seedlings in the window sill of our sunroom, coaxing them along with a spray bottle and grow light. by late july, my plants yield a waist-high canopy of shiny capsicum annum fruit. the hollow peppers are ideal for stuffing with cheese, rice, or meat. this recipe serves well as either an appetizer, or a side dish to an entree.

stuffed peppers
• feta cheese
• parmesan cheese
• shredded monterey jack
• s&p
• jalapeno & bell peppers

cut the tops off of the peppers & remove the seeds and membranes. cut together the cheesed with a pastry cutter & season w/s&p.

fill each pepper with cheese & attach the tops with toothpicks. refrigerate for about an hour.

heat the grill to 400. rub the peppers with safflower oil & grill them until the skins are blistered & soft. remove the toothpicks & serve.

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